Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I am sitting here one day after learning that you will be spending Memorial Day in Chicago on vacation instead of in Washington, DC to lay the traditional wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and I hoped that my feelings of anger would have subsided, however, they have not. I am appalled at your decision and feel it not only a slap in the face to our great country and all our military service members, but also, to me personally. You see President Obama, my husband died for this country exactly three weeks before Memorial Day as he scummed to his invisible wounds produced by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Obama, I do not believe that anyone should dictate when you spend time on vacation with your family as you spend countless hours working hard doing the job of our Commander-in-Chief. However, I do believe there are two days that without a doubt you should spend at our nation's Capital. The first is July Fourth and the second is Memorial Day. Putting all political views and party lines aside, I would feel any President who so disrespectfully declines to honor our fallen on the one day our nation comes together to recognize their sacrifice has no patriotism.

I find it deplorable that you would choose this day to be on vacation. You see, President Obama, your first priority and obligation is to our country. This is one of the first lessons I learned five years ago when I became a Marine wife. When you choose a job of great service to our great country you must put that country first. I know personally how your family misses you and does not get to spend enough time with you. Everyone needs that vacation and time with their family, I do not disagree with this fact. However, President Obama, so many lives have been lost defending this country, our freedoms, and everything it stands for. There is one day in which we gather to honor and respect the sacrifice they and their families have made. It bothers me deeply that you can not give one day of your time to show this to them-- to us.

Katie Bagosy

p.s. In case I didn't make myself clear: You can take a vacation with your family any time you want. My children and I will Never again be able to take a vacation with the man we loved so dearly-- a father and husband who's life was sacrificed for our Nation. His life and all other Veterans should be Remembered and Honored by you this Memorial Day, not disregarded.
Mr. Obama, it makes me sick that YOU are the President and leader of this wonderful country when you have no regard, respect, honor, or gratitude to the men and women who allow You to run our nation. They sacrificed their lives for you, me, and everyone else. Remember that!


  1. Amen! I cant believe he thought that what he did was ok. Obama will not make it in the next election i hope! I PRAY that he learns he was wrong and also for your surviving family.

  2. I ran across this post and wanted to elect YOU for President!!! How true is this post. Even though my husband and I are respectful of him as commander-in-chief, and my husband's boss, lord knows I have the hardest time liking him for some of the things he's done. One of those things was this very issue. I just don't understand it. Military families don't get vacations whenever they want either. I wish you would send this in to the white house. I agree with you that it was about the most slap-in-the-face unpatriotic thing he could have done. Thanks for posting!!