Saturday, January 15, 2011


I wrote this years ago when a guy I grew up with killed himself. It was the first time I had ever dealt with suicide and it was hard even though we weren't close. I didn't know how to deal with it and was constantly dreaming about him. I came across it today and put your name where his was. I've had many dreams about you and you didn't seem to know that you were gone in the beginning (I didn't either in a lot of those dreams which made it so much harder when I'd wake up thinking you were there).

you stand there smiling, gazing at me
i know that your gone, but how can that be
it happens when i'm sleeping, i know that it's you
you tell me you're alive, but i know it's not true
i wish that it were, then the pain would go away
for everyone to have you for just one more day
i don't believe that you wanted to die
now you're trying to reach out, but i do not know why
am i the one bringing you here
or can somehow i help you end your tears
what can i say, what can i do
tommy please tell me, i'll do it for you

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