Thursday, January 20, 2011

I saw a guy

So I saw a guy the other night that looks just like from the profile. I think it was mostly his lips and nose that stopped me in my tracks. God it hurt to see him. He had blue eyes though and seeing them helped-- a little-- to not bawl my eyes out. My heart sank and I wanted you so badly. As we were leaving I said to Jena "What do you do when you see a complete stranger and all you want to do is run up and kiss him because he looks just like your husband?" She replied with "Um, you made the right decision by walking away." I'm sure that is true, haha. I wish I could kiss you again.

Miss you and Love you!


  1. hi -

    i started reading your blog a couple weeks ago but i can only read it on occasion. i just wanted to let you know that your story is heart wrenching and i cant even imagine what you have gone through. you and your family are in my prayers everyday . if you ever need someone to talk to or anything .. please let me know .

    - kaitlin
    johnston dot kaitlin @ gmail dot com

  2. Katie,

    I just came across your story and your blog and must say that my heart goes out to you and your family on your loss. You and the kids are in my prayers and I will always remeber the first time I saw you and your children and how happy you all looked. Never loose that you guys are a great family and I know with this you will only get stronger. I wish the Marines/Command could have done more to save his life I am sure it was possible.
    On another note if you are still in Jacksonville there is a great church that I attended while there. It is called River of Life on Gumbranch if you have not found a great church home yet pay them a visit and they will love all on you.

    In My Prayers,

  3. Sorry Ben, I used to have a great memory, but things are a little different now with my focus. If you are who I think you are then that was about 2 years ago when we did the walk through at the house? Those were much happier times in life and an exciting time as well. Thank you for the reccomendation. I have a wonderful church family at another church and 1 other with some great people there as well who really helped us through, especially in the beginning. I'm curious how you heard about it now, though? If you're not that Ben, then sorry.

  4. I think I just stalked right through every post you've written. I'm so sorry for your loss (cliche, I'm sorry!). My husband just spoke at a memorial service for one of his Marines who took his own life last month. He had seen him just a few days before and he'll always regret not stopping to talk to him longer. To make sure he really was okay, given his issues. The loss of these men, like your husband is so tragic. It truly makes my heart hurt for them and their families.

    Sorry if this made no sense or seems trite.

  5. Thank you and I'm sorry to hear that it happened to someone else again. If he has a wife or anyone who may want to talk to me, please let me know.